CNC Worm Gear Grinding Machine

CNC Worm Gear Grinding Machine

1.22 years researching and producing professional manufacturer with high precision and resonable price; 2.Total assets are 1.8 billion Yuan; number of employees is over 3500; 3.certified by ISO9001 quality control system, CE safety norm, AA-class credit of CIQ and ISO14001 Environmental Management System; 4.All machine are exported directly to over 40 countries. receiving almost unanimous approvals about our machine and service.

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CNC Worm Gear Grinding Machine

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Worm Grinding Wheel grinder Advantage:

1. Modular design of machine , manual interface with large varities of configurations that provide different selections &applications to users. 
2. Adoption of REXROTH IndraMotion MTX micro system providing 4 axies options and synchronization of 4 axies. 
3. Form grinding for internal spur gear cutting on small and batch production. 
4. Form cutting concept is also provided to cut symmetric gears. 
5. Worm-driven rotary table suitable for large size parts & heavy duty cutting. 
6. Built-in temperature sensor combined with special software to keep good consistancy of accurancy.
7. Applying of infinite element anlyasis to achieve high stability of machine structure ,all base castings are of highperformance heat treated gray iron casting to obtain good rigidity and reliability. Up-to-date design of headstock is ideal for high speed cuttings.
8. Special interface with manual input for easy operation, combinations of parameters are preset for selection, signal. 
status could be easily checked on operation panel for convenient maintainence. 
9. Available of online remote diagonosis function. 
10. Unique radius dressing design with characteristics of high efficiency ,high reliability and simple strcuture.
11. Different type of cutting programme & cutter auto positioning software are preset.
12. Compact design for installation with samll floor space,Rear Chip removal.
13. Full enclosure of machine. 
14. Built-in hydraulics and piping system with compact & simple design.

Worm Grinding Wheel grinder Major features:

Standard Configurations:
-Main Machine 
-Full Enclosure 
-Electrical Cabinet
-Rexroth IndraMotion MTX micro Control System. 
-Hydraulic System 
-Lubrication System 
-Paper Filter 
-Radius Dresser
-Mist Extractor 
-Table Dampen System

-Cooling System
-Form Cutting Program
-Dressing Unit for Gear
-Diamond Roller
-Small Sharpener

Worm Grinding Wheel grinder Main Configuration:




Max. Work piece Diameter


Max Swing Diameter


Max. Diameter of Radius


Max. Axial Feed Travel

400 mm

Max Grinding Width


Min.-Max. No. of Teeth


Max. Spindle Speed

8000 rpm

Max. Revolution of Table


Table Indexing Speed Ratio


Hydraulic Pressure when Pushing Support Center(50mm Standard Cylinder)


Working Range

Center Distance between Grinding Wheel and Table

235-0 mm

Height Between Wheel Center and Table


Table Diameter


Table Bore Diameter

65 mm

The Distance between Table and Support Center

292-692 mm

Grinding Wheel

Max. Wheel Size, Diameter × Length

140*50*20 mm

Spindle Diameter


Max. Shifting Travel

60 mm

Feed Speed Range

Axial Feed

0.01-10 mm/T.rev.

Radial Feed

0.01-10 mm/T.rev.

Radial Rapid Feed (X)

5000 mm/min

Axial Rapid Feed (Z)

4000 mm/min

Electrical and Motor

Voltage of Control Circuit

AC380V,DC24V 50/60Hz

Total Power

23 KVA

Main Motor AC Spindle Motor

6 Kw

Table Servo Motor

6.5 Kw

Drive Servo Motor

2.3 Kw

Vertical Stroke Servo Motor

3.75 Kw

Shifting Servo Motor

1.2. Kw

Hydraulic Pump Motor

4P, 2.2 Kw

Cutting Oil Pump Motor

2P, 2X0.75 Kw

Magnetic Separation Motor

2P, 0.2 Kw

Floor Space and Weight

Floor Space, Length × Width

1861 × 2462 mm

Machine Height

2671 mm




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