Competitive High Efficiency Accuracy Vertical Lathe Machine

Competitive High Efficiency Accuracy Vertical Lathe Machine

1.22 years researching and producing professional manufacturer with high precision and resonable price; 2.Total assets are 1.8 billion Yuan; number of employees is over 3500; 3.certified by ISO9001 quality control system, CE safety norm, AA-class credit of CIQ and ISO14001 Environmental Management System; 4.All machine are exported directly to over 40 countries. receiving almost unanimous approvals about our machine and service.

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Competitive high efficiency accuracy vertical lathe machine

Vertical Lathe Machine

Vertical Lathe Machine Introduction:

The wide processing range double column vertical lathe machine price is one of my company's own developed vertical lathes, belonging to large universal metal-cutting processing equipment. The product uses advanced CAD computer-aided design techniques, in accordance with national, industry-related design and manufacture of acceptance standards.

The wide processing range double column vertical lathe machine price specifics to large electrical motor industry, large pump valve type industries, transportation industry, as well as engineering machinery, defense industries of some large workpieces cylindrical-type parts with diameter less than 4 m, such as the motor shell, the pump valve shell, wheel hub, to conduct turning processes on end face, internal and external cylindrical surface, but also can use vertical tool carrier with spanning degrees (+/-30 degrees) for the internal and external cone turning processing needs.

Vertical Lathe Machine Main Feature:

1. The main movement adopts the advanced frequency control system driven by 75Kw variable-frequency motor, through the manual high-low gear shift, so that spindle obtains 2.5 - 40 r / min stepless speed. 
2. Table is inlaid with casting zinc, aluminum, copper alloy ZZnA110-5 wearing rail plate to increase the carrying capacity of rail. 
3. Spindle of worktable is equipped with two high-precision biserial short cylindrical roller bearings; the inner ring has the taper for adjusting the radial clearance, in order to ensure spindle’s stable working under high-precision. The manipulation buttons of workbench’s startup, braking and jogging are set on the hanging button station. 
4. Max. swing angle of vertical tool post is +/- 30°, which is used for turning inner and outer cone face. 
5. Right feed movement adopts advanced variable-frequency speed adjusting system.

Vertical Lathe Machine pecifications:



Work table diameter

3150 mm

Max. turning diameter of work piece

4000 mm

Max. height of work piece


Max. weight of work piece

20000 Kg

Max. cutting force of tool rest

35000 N (right turret)

30000 N (left turret)

Max. torque of worktable

63000 N•m

Speed changing range (high/low)

2.5-40 rpm

Tool rest feeding range(stepless)

0.25-90 mm/min

Beam travel

1750 mm

Travel of tool rest

Horizontal 2200 mm

Vertical 1000 mm

Beam moving speed


Fast moving speed of tool post


Max. Swing angle of tool post


Turret dimension(WxH)

40×50 mm

Main motor power

55kW (variable frequency motor)

Feeding motor power

0.75kW (variable frequency motor)

Machine weight(about)

48000 kg



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