Mould 10 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

Mould 10 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

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YHK3180 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

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I. Application of the machine tool

ØThe machine is suitable for large and single piece production of cylindrical gear and worm gear, and a certain parameter of drum gear, also can be used spline hob continuous dividing rolling cutting 6 teeth and above 6 teeth of the short spline shaft;Sprocket hob can also be used to roll cutting sprocket.

ØCylindrical gears can be machined by reverse milling and roll cutting, and the full tooth width can be machined by axial feeding (vertical feeding).

ØThis machine tool rolls cuts the general worm gear is USES the radial feed method to carry on the processing.

ØThe adjustment and processing method of the machine tool for processing spline shaft and sprocket is the same as that for processing cylindrical spur gear.

ØThis machine tool USES Siemens 828D numerical control system, drives the axial feed and the workbench radial feed with the ac servo motor, may realize two axes linkage, processes each kind of workpiece.

II Main technical parameters of the machine tool

1. Scope of processing

(1) Without back column post when the maximum processing diameter: 800mm

(2) With back column the maximum processing diameter: 620mm

(3) Maximum processing modulus: 10mm

(4) The maximum processing width: 650mm

(5The minimum number of teeth on the workpiece: 6 teeth

2.Tool- Post

(1) Maximum hob head swing Angle: 240 °

(2) Hob head maximum vertical stroke (Z axis) : 700mm

(3) Hob head rotation Angle minimum reading: 6 '

(4) Vertical feed range: 1~4mm/table per revolution

(5)Z axis resolution: 0.001mm

3. Working table

(1)Table diameter: 625mm

(2) Table bore diameter: 80mm

(3) Maximum distance between the workbench and the bearing end of the sliding seat of the small column: 1070mm

(4) Minimum distance between the table to the small column sliding seat bearing end : 750mm

(5) Table horizontal movement stroke (X axis) : 450mm

(6)X axis resolution: 0.001mm

4. Hob spindle

(1) Max hob diameter: 180mm

(2)Maximum hob length: 175mm

(3Hob rod thread diameter: M16

(4) Spindle hole taper: Morse No. 5

(5)Maximum axial movement of hob: 55mm

(6) Distance from Hob spindle center to the table: Maximum940mm

Minimum: 240 mm

(7) Workpiece axis center to hob axis center distance:

Max 500mm

Minimum: 85 mm

(8) Spindle speed range: 40~250mm

(9)Spindle speed level: 9

5. Motor and weight

(1)Main motor power: 5.5kw

(2)Rated speed: 1440rpm

(3) X-axis servo motor 11Nm, 3000rpm

(4) Z axis servo motor 11Nm, 3000rpm

(5)The net weight of the machine tool: 5500kg

(6)Outline size of machine tool (length x width x height) : 2800x1400x2300 (mm)

6.Hob spindle diameter may be substituted: Φ22 mm  Φ 27 mm Φ 32 mm Φ 40 mm

7. Workpiece spindle diameter: Φ 35 mm




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