Horizontal CNC Form Gear Grinding Machine

Horizontal CNC Form Gear Grinding Machine

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 Horizontal CNC Form Gear Grinding Machine

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Horizontal CNC Form Gear Grinding Machine Advantage:

The  Model  #YK7332A CNC  Profile  (or  Form)  Wheel  Gear  Grinding  Machine  is  used  for grinding  recise,  special  cylindrical  gears  with  an  outside  diameter  of  less  than  320mm (12.6”). These  types  of  gears  are  more  commonly  used  in  the  automotive, rail transport, aviation  and  machine  tool  industries.    This  machine  is  especially  suitable  for  grinding high-speed gears and clusters with requirements for profile and lead modification, as well as special  fillet  requirements  for tip  and  root.  These  machines  can  also  be used  for  grinding components without involute forms as well, such as cycloid gears, precision splines and worm workpieces.

Horizontal CNC Form Gear Grinding Machine Major features:

The  working principle  of  this machine  is  form grinding.   The profile  of  the  grinding wheel  is modified  via  on an on-board wheel dressing system utilizing a diamond dressing wheel to facilitate grinding of the workpiece tooth forms precisely.   The movements and  operations  of the  machine  are  relatively  simple  and  straightforward  (especially  when c ompared  to  generational-type  grinding);  but  can  be characterized  by  extremely  high machining accuracy and efficiency. The model #YK7332 orients the workpiece horizontally between centers  for  maximum  workpiece  design flexibility. This  design  philosophy  more easily allows for spline and worm gear forms.
The  Model  #YK73xx  Series  form  grinding  machine  designs  from  QC  American  are  known for  their  remarkable  reliability,  thermal stability  and  they  are adaptable to  automation. Featuring  a  full CNC-based control,  these  machines  are  capable  of  performing well  in a variety of gear finishing applications, as well as being quite flexible where modifications are concerned. The #YK73xx  Series  feature  high  power  grinding  spindles,  standard  precision components  utilized  from  around  the globe and  closed  loop  feedback  systems  for  high geometrical and positioning accuracy. 
Main Characteristics:
·    Compact machine design featuring a ribbed, one-piece cast iron bed. 
·    Ergonomic  design  with  complete  machine  access  from the  ground  floor  and through a well  esigned and completely lit enclosure. 
·    The on-board automatic dressing cycle of the grinding wheel improves the  uptime and efficiency of this machine tool. 
·    NUM (Swiss  Made  –  USA  Serviced) 1050H  PC  Based  CNC  control  – controlling six (6) axes.
·    The  special  Human  Machine  Interface  (HMI) was  developed  by QC  according to the  working characteristics  of North  American  gear  processing.   Based  on  a conversational  programming protocol, programming is  simplified  by entering work  piece  parameters  and  relevant technical parameters as called out by the operator.  

Worm Grinding Wheel grinder Main Configuration:




Max. Work piece Diameter


Max Swing Diameter


Max. Diameter of Radius


Max. Axial Feed Travel

400 mm

Max Grinding Width


Min.-Max. No. of Teeth


Max. Spindle Speed

8000 rpm

Max. Revolution of Table


Table Indexing Speed Ratio


Hydraulic Pressure when Pushing Support Center(50mm Standard Cylinder)


Working Range

Center Distance between Grinding Wheel and Table

235-0 mm

Height Between Wheel Center and Table


Table Diameter


Table Bore Diameter

65 mm

The Distance between Table and Support Center

292-692 mm

Grinding Wheel

Max. Wheel Size, Diameter × Length

140*50*20 mm

Spindle Diameter


Max. Shifting Travel

60 mm

Feed Speed Range

Axial Feed

0.01-10 mm/T.rev.

Radial Feed

0.01-10 mm/T.rev.

Radial Rapid Feed (X)

5000 mm/min

Axial Rapid Feed (Z)

4000 mm/min

Electrical and Motor

Voltage of Control Circuit

AC380V,DC24V 50/60Hz

Total Power

23 KVA

Main Motor AC Spindle Motor

6 Kw

Table Servo Motor

6.5 Kw

Drive Servo Motor

2.3 Kw

Vertical Stroke Servo Motor

3.75 Kw

Shifting Servo Motor

1.2. Kw

Hydraulic Pump Motor

4P, 2.2 Kw

Cutting Oil Pump Motor

2P, 2X0.75 Kw

Magnetic Separation Motor

2P, 0.2 Kw

Floor Space and Weight

Floor Space, Length × Width

1861 × 2462 mm

Machine Height

2671 mm


5500 kg


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