YKG3136 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

YKG3136 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

YKG3136 is 6 axies CNC Gear hobbing machine. Best price,with stock product.

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YKG3136 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

YKG3136 CNC Gear Hobbing machine

Application and features

YKG3136CNC Gear Hobbing Machine is suitable for Cylindrical straight gear,helical gear, spline shaft ,sprocket,worm gear and so on, also for small taper gear,drum teeth and other special tooth modification gear.

This machine tool adopts Siemens 828D CNC system to realize six-axis and four-linkage CNC control.The machine tool control axis is divided into three CNC rotary axes: the rotary axis of the table (C axis);Hob spindle rotation axis (B axis);Tool holder rotation axis (axis A).Three CNC linear axis: radial feed axis (X axis);Axial feed axis (Z axis);Hob channeling cutter feed axis (Y axis).The machine tool adopts full digital control.

Multi-function,high rigidity,high speed and efficiency,high-accuracy,and high reliability and stability

This machine tool is especially for automobile, motorcycle, machine tool, wind power, textile machinery, printing machinery, electric tools and other large quantities of gear production enterprises, but also suitable for small batch, a variety of gear production enterprises.

Under normal conditions, the machining accuracy  can reach the 6-6-7 level of GB10095-2008 national standard.

Main technical  parameters

Numbers of controlling axes  6

1. Max diameter to be hobbed Φ360 mm 

2. Maximum modulus: 8mm

3. Maximum turning Angle of the tool holder is 45 ℃

4. The number of teeth processed ranges from 4 to 200

5. Maximum machining width is 450mm

6、Maximum installation hob Φ170 mm

7. The maximum installation length of hob is 210mm

8. Hob spindle taper hole SK50

9. Hob replaceable mandrel diameter 27, 32, 40, 50 (one for each)

10. The diameter of the working table is 360 mm

11. The worktable bore diameter is 75mm

12. Distance from surface of the table to the bottom of the bed is 1120mm.

13. The horizontal distance from the hob center to the center of the table is 45 ~ 305 mm

14. The vertical distance between the hob center and the table is 180 ~ 680 mm

15. The distance from the top of the rear column to the table is 370 ~ 920mm

16. The maximum axial movement of hob is 190 mm

17. Hob spindle speed range (axis B) 60-600 RPM (stepless)

18. Axial feed speed range (Z axis) 1 ~ 1000mm /min (stepless)

19. Radial feed speed range (X-axis) 1 ~ 3000mm /min (stepless)

20. Tangential feed speed range (Y-axis) 1 ~ 2000mm /min (stepless)

21. Table speed range (axis C) 1~100 RPM

22.CNC control system: SINUMERIK 828D 

23.Motor Capacity: 50.66KW

24. The machine size:3225X4970X 280 0mm

25. Net weight of the machine is about 14000kg

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