Gear Shaving Cutters

Gear Shaving Cutters

1.22 years researching and producing professional manufacturer with high precision and resonable price; 2.Total assets are 1.8 billion Yuan; number of employees is over 3500; 3.certified by ISO9001 quality control system, CE safety norm, AA-class credit of CIQ and ISO14001 Environmental Management System; 4.All products are exported directly to over 40 countries. receiving almost unanimous approvals about our machine and service.

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Gear Shaving Cutters


Nomal pitch circle diameter Features

1. Module: m1-m10

2. 217.743*25*63.5 

3. Material: M35 

4. Pressure Angle(α): 17.5°

5. Helix Angle(β): 13°

6. Helix Direction: Left Hand 

7. Accuracy: GB/T14333-93 Class A 

8. Feature: 

(1) It can improve the quality of the surface shaving gear, Avoid the difference roughness of shaved gear tooth surface.

(2) Perpendicular to the direction of small spiral angle, the angle unchanged in the cutting knife, is conducive to the gear machining and the axial gear shaving cutter with higher machining precious.


  • Manufacturing of various types of Shaving cutters such as conventional, diagonal, under-pass and plunge-cut are undertaken.

  • Special profiles are incorporated on the Cutter to generate tip relief, profile crowning, lead crowning, etc., on component.

  • The Shaving machine at DIC tries out the Shaving cutter manufactured here, to confirm the profile accuracy. This is done at extra cost with necessary mandrels, component blanks, etc., supplied by the customer.

  • Pre-shaved tools like Hobs/Shaping cutters along with Shaving cutters can be supplied from a single source - DIC. Hence, design parameters can be worked out to achieve optimum results on the components.

  • Gear Shaving cutters made out of superior HSS Grades can be supplied.

  • Re-sharpening of DIC make cutters as well as imported cutters are carried out. Customers have to furnish the re-sharpening chart along with other make and imported cutters.

Xi'an Oulang Titanium Alloy and Oil Machinery Workshop 


CNC Machine for Gear Tools producing:

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