M0.5 - M6 Dry Cutting Gear Hobs

M0.5 - M6 Dry Cutting Gear Hobs

1.22 years researching and producing professional manufacturer with high precision and resonable price; 2.Total assets are 1.8 billion Yuan; number of employees is over 3500; 3.certified by ISO9001 quality control system, CE safety norm, AA-class credit of CIQ and ISO14001 Environmental Management System; 4.All products are exported directly to over 40 countries. receiving almost unanimous approvals about our machine and service.

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Product Details

M0.5 - M6 Dry Cutting Gear Hobs


Nomal tooth profile Features

1.Material: Powder metallurgy, coating, composite coating.

2.Increase productivity:Special high-speed steel and multi-coated make the cutting ability more than two times than the ordinany   hob.

3.Save the cost: Improving tool life and processing capacity reducing tool changing time, saving the cost.

4.A good enviroment: Do not need cutting oil during working.

5.Application: Suitable for mass production.

Product Range:

1. Standard Gear Hob

2. Involute Hob

3. Preshaving Hob

4. Pregrind Hob

5. Worm Wheel Hob

6. Sprocket Hob

7. Chamfering Hob

8. Bowl-shape Gear Shaping Tool

9. Broach


We can supply all kinds of the Gear Hobs, especially we can do the Non-standard ones for you according to your specification requirements. 

Pls let us know the datas below:

1. What is the module, pressure angle, outside diameter, length, bore diameter,direction of turning for nonstandard gear hobs? 
2. What is the materials? HSS-M2, M35,M42
3. What is the coating? We provide TIN coating, TiAIN coating or uncoated. 
4. What is the accuracy level? Grade AA or Grade A. 
5. Which kind of standard to you need,standard or non-standard? 


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