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- May 21, 2018 -


Ingot Casting System for Aerospace Alloys is an advanced, specialized technology designed specifically to cast strong alloys for aerospace, military, and commercial applications. The system consists of a mold table, molds, starting head base, and starting heads engineered to produce aerospace alloys of the highest quality and in the most efficient manner.

The technology is designed to keep curl under control at cast start while minimizing shrinkage stress in the newly solidified, strong-alloy ingot.  A specialized, steel, double-curvature starting head is used, and in some configurations, a Wagstaff designed contact wiper system is also employed. 

This provides a unique water signature and independent control of the primary and secondary water jets for optimizing both the start and run portions of the cast. It also produces the correct cooling rate in steady state while the unique mold geometry minimizes solidification stress, resulting in ingots of superior metallurgical properties.

Included with this casting system are the expert techniques and next-generation know-how to successfully and efficiently cast the alloys tailored to suit your goals.

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