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CK7660LC Wheel CNC Lathe machine
- Dec 24, 2018 -

CK7660LC Wheel CNC Lathe machine 

CK 7660LC Wheel CNC lathe ,Machine tool configuration:

1)  Electrical system:

  • Comply with GB/ t5226.1-1996 "industrial machinery and electrical equipment part I: general technical conditions" standard.

  • Standard:FANUC 0i- TF(1) CNC system;

  • System has a perfect and reliable interlocking, safety protection and fault self-diagnosis alarm function.

  • Equipped with standard communication interface.

  • Electric control cabinet cooling use air conditioning cooling, dust seal, the degree of protection IP54.

2)Spindle system:

  • Spindle servo motor power (continuous /30 minutes):30/37kW(FANUC 〆30/6000 Motor)

  • Hydraulic chuck and oil cylinder standard: Taiwan ZHONGSHI implementing the hydraulic oil cylinder MS125C35;

3)Feed system:

  • X/Z axis ac servo motor torque:22NM/22NM(FANUC 〆22B/3000i+〆22/3000iMotor)

  • X/Z axis ball screw standard:Taiwan HIWIN


  • Standard: Taiwan Liuxin  12 station hydraulic tool rest;can meet the installation of three boring cutter;

  • Tool change: according to the shortest path, any tool change 

  • Repeat positioning accuracy: ±2″

  • Tool handle size:25 mm×25 mm/32 mm×32 mm(Turning)       Φ50(Boring)

5) Machine tool protection: 

  • Machine tool protection conforms to GB15760-1995 General Technical Conditions for Safety Protection of Metal Cutting Machine Tools. 

  • Machine tool protective devices are complete, reliable and safe. 

  • Machine noise: Comply with the national standard < 83 db. 

6) Pneumatic system 

  • Pneumatic valve: The point control can be realized at the manual mode of the machine tool. 

  • Blowing device. Optional: effluent 

  • Air guns. 

7) Hydraulic system: 

  • Hydraulic station is equipped with heat dissipation device, which can ensure continuous operation of machine tools for 24 hours. 

  • When the system pressure is too low, the machine will alarm ,which can ensure the safety of the hydraulic chuck. 

  • Oil tank volume 70L, 32 # anti-wear hydraulic oil is selected. 

  • The motor power of hydraulic pump is 2.2kW. 

8) Lubrication system: 

  • YONGJIA automatic lubrication device is used to force lubrication of sliding surfaces and ball screw. 

  • The interval and quantity of oil injection can be adjusted. When the oil level is too low (oil shortage), the machine will alarm. 

  • L-G68 guideway lubricant is selected as lubricant. 

  • Lubrication box volume 4 L. 

9) Cooling system: 

  • Cooling pump 

  • The volume of cooling box is 300L. 

  • Cutter tower cooling pipe is built-in type. 

  • Oil scraper 

10) Chip removal device: 

  • With chain plate type automatic chip remover and chip carrier. 

  • Installation position: side row type. 

11) Warning lights: 

  • Tri-color patrol lights. 

  • Machine Tool Parts and Outsourcing Parts: 

  • Machine accessories and parts are selected world famous brands manufacture (see attachment). 

  • Machine power supply: 

  • Power supply: AC 3-phase 380V + 10% 50Hz 

  • Power capacity: 55 KVA 

  • Normal conditions of use: 

  • Ambient temperature: 0-40 ℃ 

  • Humidity: ≤85% 

CK7660LC CNC lathe Machine color: 

  • Machine Standard Color: Machine Tool Standard Color: The decorative strip is yellow RAL K7 1007 (European Standard Color Card No.), the front cover and the following parts and the right cover, the rear cover are black gray RAL 7021 (European Standard Color Card No.), the rest are ice gray GSB05-1426-2001 77 GY09 (National Standard Color Card No.). 

  • The color of the machine can be changed according to the color plate provided by the user. 

Size and weight of machine tool outline: 

Length x width x height: (mm) 4840 x 2350 x 2342 

Machine weight (net weight): (kg) 10500 (8300)

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