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CNC Gear Hobbing machine
- Dec 07, 2018 -

                                                      Gear Hobbing machine 

Gear hobbing machine (Gear hobbing machine) is the most widely used machine tool in gear processing. It can cut straight teeth, helical cylindrical gears, worm gear, sprocket and so on.Hob processing straight teeth, helical teeth and herringbone cylindrical gear and worm gear processing machine tools according to the development method.This machine tool can also process a variety of special tooth shape workpieces such as spline and sprocket when using a special hob.The machining accuracy of ordinary hobbing machine is 7 ~ 6 (JB179-83), and the precision hobbing machine is 4 ~ 3.The maximum machining diameter is 15 meters.


(1) small batch and single piece production of cylindrical helical gear and worm gear, but also roller cut a certain range of parameters of spline shaft.

(2) easy adjustment, with automatic parking mechanism

(3) with reliable safety device and automatic lubrication gear hobbing machine, gear hobbing machine is the most widely used machine tool in gear processing machine tools. It can be used to cut straight teeth and helical cylindrical gears, as well as worm wheels and sprockets.


Gear Hobbing machine according to the layout is divided into vertical and horizontal.

Y3180 CNC Gear Hobbing machine

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