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How many Series of CNC Pipe Threading Lathe?
- Feb 01, 2018 -

CNC Pipe Threading Lathe Series

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Series CNC pipe threading lathe is a highly efficient and high precision oil pipe and casing thread machining lathe which was developed by we to meet the needs of the oil industry. This series of machine tool is designed mainly for machine shops supporting the oil field activities, in certain steel industry and other industries where large-diameter pipe and casing is threaded.
This CNC pipe threading lathe can machine API, 5B, 5CT long, short round thread, buttress thread, and special threads according to the American Petroleum Institute standards. It features high rigidity, high precision, and high efficiency.
The pipe threading lathe can be equipped with automatic up-enders, and loading and unloading devices which together can achieve systems of continuous automatic machine. This is ideal for the machine of oil pipe and casing.
The series CNC pipe threading lathe includes models 1460n, 1850n, and 3440n, which correspond to pipe diameter ranges of 2 3/8-5 1/2", 2 3/8-7", and 5 1/2-13 3/8", respectively. Other models can be developed according to users' needs.

Both the main drive system and control system adopt FANUC 0i-TD CNC, and servo spindle motors (Model 1460n is equipped with a variable frequency motor on the spindle). Siemens 802Dsl CNC system is available as an option.
The machine bed has been designed using finite element analysis, and incorporates a highly-rigid box-shaped structure with 45 degree slant which resists bending and twisting. The bed structure adopts steel insert box-style ways (integrated cast box-ways in the case of model 1460n), allowing high accuracy to be maintained during heavy cutting. The slant-bed structure ensures good chip and coolant removal.
Both cross and longitudinal axes incorporate FANUC servo motors with high positioning accuracy, and cross and longitudinal guide ways are wide of span and large in cross-section, providing the machine with integral dynamic and static stiffness that is 2 to 2.5 times as strong as similar-capacity machines. The ball screws are of excellent quality and rigidity, which ensures accuracy during heavy machining.
The CNC pipe threading lathe adopts front-situated self-centering pneumatic chucks with large jaw travel. The chucks are easy to clamp, resist contamination, and can meet the needs of machining oil line couplings and heavy oil pipe. The machine is equipped with a safety switch to ensure the safe operation of the chuck.
The machine spindles incorporate tapered roller bearings that are capable of withstanding large axial and radial forces, for high rigidity and high accuracy of the finished work-piece.
The CNC pipe threading lathe has power circuit overload and short-circuit protection with corresponding functional interlock to ensure the safety of operation and to minimize accidental damage. The electrical system has a self-diagnosis function, and operators and maintenance staff can access this feature at any time to troubleshoot problems.
The standard configuration of the electrical cabinet provides a complete seal from external elements, and has an air conditioning system to reduce dust contamination and reduce heat within it. The cabinet is to IP54 standard, and ample space is left inside for the addition of other features, as the need might arise.