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How does the CNC Tapping Center work?
- Feb 06, 2018 -

A CNC Tapping Center is a numerically controlled machine tool used for machining parts in every industrial field, featuring high speed, high accuracy, and high productivity. Development of Tapping Centers has enabled milling and fine boring in addition to tapping, achieving high productivity, improved machining capabilities, and greater reliability that shatter conventional common sense.

CNC Tapping center.jpg

Features of CNC Tapping Centers

Equipped with originally developed NC
Brother's Tapping Centers are equipped with an originally developed NC. Electro-mechanical integrated development has achieved an ideal NC control that maximizes the features of the machine.
High-speed and high-accuracy synchronous tapping
Equipped with our original "complete synchronous feed mechanism" (one pitch per spindle rotation), high-speed and accurate tapping, from large to small diameter, is possible and the required tap depth can be obtained.
M24 tapping has achieved peripheral velocity of 377 m per minute (world's fastest).
A quick return function (10 times faster than when cutting) is also provided, leading to reduction of tapping time and accuracy improvement.