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How to select Gear Hobs
- Dec 21, 2018 -

How to select Gear Hobs

CNC Gear Hobbing machine is one of the most widely application machine tools in gear processing machine tools. On the Gear hobbing machine,it can cut straight tooth, helical tooth cylindrical gear, worm gear, sprocket can be processed, etc. 

CNC Gear hobbing machine hob tools selection: 

1. Gear hob accuracy grade should be selected according to the accuracy grade or process requirements of the processed gear. 

2. The number of gear hob head selection. CNC hobbing machine finishing processing, in order to improve the processing accuracy, should choose a single hob, rough processing, in order to improve the processing efficiency, should choose a multi-hob. 

3. The selection of gear hob helical direction. Hobbing spur gears, with right hand hob. CNC gear hobbing machine when hobbing helical cylindrical gear hob helical direction should be the same as the work direction.

4. According to the requirements of the process. For example, for CNC hobbing machine after hobbing to do tooth grinding processing, must choose torsional grinding hob, after hobbing to do shaving processing, should choose shaving hob ( pre-shaving hob)

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