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Introduction of Gear Shaving Cutter
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Introduction of Gear Shaving Cutter

Gear shaving cutter is a finishing tool for straight teeth and oblique teeth involute cylindrical gears.When shaving teeth, the cutting edge of the shaving cutter shaves the next layer of thin metal along the tooth surface of the workpiece, which can effectively improve the precision and tooth surface quality of the shaving gear. With high efficiency and long tool life, it is the most widely used tool when mass production of cylindrical gear with medium accuracy.

There are many narrow slots on the tooth surface to form cutting edges. In the processing, the cutter cut off from the tooth surface of the teeth whisker-like thin chips, hence known as the shaving cutter. Gear shaving cutter is used after gear hobbing and gear shaping.

Finish the gear teeth. Commonly used disc shaving cutter like a hardened helical cylindrical gear (figure 1), the tooth groove on the surface of the two forms: one is in the entire history of the ring gear drive has a circular or spiral groove, the groove of the cross section can be a rectangle, can also be a trapezoid, the gear shaving cutter with blunt after grinding only (tank), in front of the tooth profile and outer diameter didn't change, because the groove can't do too deep, only applies to the module of gear shaving cutter is less than 1.75 mm;The other is the blind groove on both sides, which is respectively inserted by the carding insert. In order to make the insert retract, a inclined hole is drilled at the root of each tooth. When the shaving cutter is blunt, it needs to regrind the shape of the tooth and the top of the tooth cylinder Gear shaving cutter.

In order to reduce the cutting load of each tooth, the number of teeth of the shaving cutter is large, generally take the prime number, to avoid the number of teeth of the cutting gear has a common factor, otherwise the error of the shaving cutter will be copied to the gear being processed. According to international standards, the precision of shaving cutter is AA, A and B.In the actual production, the gear tooth profile of the shaving cutter with the correct involute tooth profile is often deviated from the correct involute near the gear joint circle and recessed inward, with the deviation of about 0.01 ~ 0.03 mm. The gear profile deviation of the straight teeth is larger than that of the helical gear.In order to get the correct involute profile of the workpiece, the profile of the shaving cutter should be corrected.

The shaving cutter can process the inner and outer cylindrical gears of straight teeth and oblique teeth with high production efficiency and smooth surface. In addition, there is also the gear shaving cutter of the worm gear used to process the precision worm gear. The type and parameters of the basic worm should be the same as the working worm of the worm gear matching. Like the gear shaving cutter, it has many narrow grooves on the spiral surface to form the cutting edge and contain the chip.Worm gear shaving cutter is difficult to manufacture, only when machining precision requirements are high.

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