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Setting the spindle of CNC Vertical Machining Center
- Dec 28, 2018 -

                                   Setting the spindle of CNC Vertical Machining center

  • Each CNC VCM Machining center, have their own spindle, What will the CNC vertical machining center spindle will be ?

  • CNC vertical machining center adopts high-speed spindle, modular combination to meet the needs of different users.Temperature control spindle, spindle sleeve is equipped with circulation groove outside, for constant temperature cooling, so as to maintain the processing of spindle temperature rise at mininum, to ensure the stability of machining precision.Spindle components, the overall installation and adjustment, maintenance is convenient, fast.Spindle equipped with position encoder, in addition to achieving accurate orientation, but also has a rigid tapping function,also used for complete cooling chip removal protection function.

  • Servo feed system adopts full digital AC servo motor drive, high precision direct transmission, pre-stretching structure, increase system rigidity, reduce thermal deformation.

VMC-850L Machine center

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