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Sucker Rod Couplings for Sucker Rod and Polished Rod
- May 31, 2018 -

Sucker Rod Couplings for Sucker Rod and Polished Rod


The suck rod couplings are used for connecting sucker rods, polished rods and sinker bars. Material of the couplings is high quality carbon steel or alloy steel, which are conform to and exceed the requirements of API Specification 11B.


  • The sucker rod couplings are manufactured in their own dedicated line.

  • Cleaned → prepared → loaded on mandrels → shot blasted → flame sprayed → induction fused.

  • The flame spray process is a computer controlled, menu driven operation that holds spray application

  • tolerance to within two thousandths of an inch.


  • The main types of sucker rod couplings are sucker rod couplings, polished rod couplings and sub-couplings.

  • A sketch map of sub-coupling.

  • A sketch map of polished rod coupling.

  • A sketch map of suck rod coupling.

    • Sucker rod couplings has same box thread size in both end.

    • The polished couplings are designed to connecting polished rod and sinker bars.

    • The sub-coupling is also called cross over coupling. It has different box thread size in both end.

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