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Sucker Rod Grade
- May 31, 2018 -

Sucker rod is the core product of our company. The sucker rod has various types according to the different standard.

  • According to the structure, it can be divided into solid sucker rod and hollow sucker rod.

  • According to the grade, it has the classification of grade C, D, K, KD, H, and HL.

  • According to the length: it has the pony sucker rod, which is shorter than the common sucker rod.

  • According to the thread, the sucker rod has inner thread and outer thread types.

  • There is another type of sucker rod is polished rod, which connecting the pumping unit and rod string in the oil well.

The sucker rod has two different connection type: direct connection and sucker rod couplings connection.

The direct connection is used for the inner thread sucker rod and outer thread sucker rod.

The sucker rod couplings are used to connect the outer thread sucker rod, including the solid sucker rod, hollow sucker rod, pony sucker rod and polished sucker rod.


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