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The Details of Gear Cutter
- Aug 14, 2018 -

The Details of Gear Cutter

Specialty cutting tools designed for milling gears.
For cutting the teeth to suit a special gear shape called an involute form.
Designed as arbor mounted cutters for machine tools.
Well suited for use in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
For optimal performance and the best tool life the correct cutting speeds and feeds must be used and suitable lubricating/cutting oils or appropriate coolant fluids are recommended.
Available in sets of 8 cutters to suit different numbers of teeth.
Sized and proportioned to afford a good cutting range and ample rigidity.
Straight form tooth design to suit the involute gear form.
For finishing with a 14-1/2° or 20° pressure angle.
8 cutters are made for each module.
Manufactured from high speed steel.
Ground from solid.
Straight teeth on periphery of cutters.
Made to suit pitch diameters of 2 to 48 for either 14-1/2° or 20° pressure angle gears.
Cutter sets can accommodate gears from 12 teeth to a rack gear.
Bright finish.

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