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The history of the shaving cutter
- Aug 15, 2018 -
  1. Improvement of shaving cutter

    At present, gear shaving cutter is not as advanced as other tools used by gear processing industry (for example, hob achieved good results by first introducing TiN, TiAlN, TiCN coating and allowing new high-speed steel materials with cutting speed of nearly 200m/min).In shaving, there are not many cutting materials and cutting speed is not high, so there is not much pressure on the cutting edge.Still, experts feel the need to sharpen the blade of a shaving razor to reduce wear and tear.There is no change in the manufacturing process of the shaving cutter, and the coating process does not have a great effect on the shaving cutter (because the side surface of the shaving cutter is not processed after heat treatment, and the surface is rough, so the TiN coating is difficult to attach to the side surface of the shaving cutter), so the experts turn their attention to improving the side roughness of the shaving cutter.The developed CNC carding machine has greatly changed the roughness of the machined surface on the side of the chip holding groove of the shaving cutter.In addition, researchers in Japan have carried out tests on the cryogenic treatment of liquefied nitrogen after heat treatment of cutter materials.Through this method, the material properties of the shaving cutter are changed, the average service life is extended and the performance of the shaving cutter is improved.

  2. Development of shaving cutter technology

    In the past 50 years, the shaving cutter has been developing continuously and the shaving technology has been improved day by day.The new CNC shaving machine can perform a variety of shaving procedures (including axial shaving, diagonal shaving, tangential shaving, radial shaving, etc.) and can be switched from one shaving method to another during the shaving of the same gear.These special processes are realized under the direct supervision and control of NC.The advantage of numerical control shaving is that the cutting speed, radial feed, stroke and other parameters can be controlled in the shaving process. In the shaving process, parameters such as feed quantity, cutting speed and stroke length can be changed, which is more convenient for us to choose different processing conditions.In the specific shaving process, besides the above standard shaving methods, specific techniques such as ProgressiveDiagonalCycle, DisjointedDiagonalCycle, MixedCycle and TwinLinkedCycle can also be selected.



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