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The Types of Lathes
- Feb 12, 2018 -

The Types Of Lathes

Lathes can be divided into three types for easy identification: engine lathes, turret lathes, and special purpose lathes. Small lathes can be bench mounted, are lightweight, and can be transported in wheeled vehicles easily. The larger lathes are floor mounted and may require special transportation if they must be moved. Field and maintenance shops generally use a lathe that can be adapted to many operations and that is not too large to be moved from one work site to another.

The engine lathe (Figure 3-1 ) is ideally suited for this purpose. A trained operator can accomplish more machining jobs with the engine lathe than with any other machine tool. Turret lathes and special purpose lathes are usually used in production or job shops for mass production or specialized parts. while basic engine lathes are usually used for any type of lathe work. Further reference to lathes in this chapter will be about the various engine lathes.