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What is gear shaving cutter?
- Jul 09, 2018 -

As one of the largest producers of cutting tools worldwide and with particular expertise in shaving technology, we offer a wide range of shaving cutters.

Types of shaving cutters

  • Transverse

  • Diagonal

  • Underpass

  • Plunge

  • Internal/external shaving

  • Unground or fi nished shaving cutters

  • All tools are supplied with inspection and lead test charts


  • Module 0,8 - 10 mm*

  • Max. width 65 mm

  • Outside diameter 70 - 330 mm


It is possible to choose from different conventional HSS or powder steels.

  • M2

  • ASP 2030


From design to delivery, all processes are carried out in-house and Samputensili shaving cutters are manufactured on our own process machines.

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