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What is Worm Gear Hob?
- Aug 15, 2018 -

What is Worm Gear Hob?

Worm gear hob mainly processing worm gear hob, processing method is similar to gear hob principle, the difference is that worm gear hob processing worm gear is not lifting spiral Angle, gear hob is lifting spiral Angle. As the processing worm does not move the spiral Angle, the large screw hob machining Angle is easy to meet.So the processing will be very difficult, production is also more difficult than gear hob.

Worm and worm gearing is widely used in factories. The worm usually adopts the process of turning and milling. The gear shape of worm gear is machined by worm gear hob under the condition of mass production.

In the pair of worm gear and worm transmission, there is a kind of multi-head worm gear which is used for dividing. For this kind of multi-head worm gear, the hob of multi-head worm gear should be used in principle. But it is extremely difficult to manufacture high-precision multi-wheel worm hobs. In order to solve the manufacturing problem of multi-head worm gear, some factories have used the good experience of single-head worm gear hob to process multi-head worm gear and achieved satisfactory results. This hob is different from the general worm hob, so it must be specially designed.

In addition, in the design of some mechanisms, dual - lead worm and worm gear pair transmission has been adopted. A big advantage of this kind of worm gear is that it is easy to adjust its tooth side meshing gap. For double-lead worm gear, special worm gear hob or fly cutter is needed.

As the design of worm gear hob is often required in factory production, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of worm gear hob and worm drive thoroughly.


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