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How does the Worm Grinding Wheel Grinder work?
- Jan 30, 2018 -


How does the Worm Grinding Wheel Grinder work?

The worm grinding machine offers manufacturers the ability to improve the productivity and efficiency of their worm gear production through the use of 3D measurement and an integrated correction probe. This automated feature removes the need for off-machine inspection, ensuring that any deviations are automatically corrected before the completion of the cycle.

Key features of the WG-Series worm grinding machine:

8-axis CNC system with advanced touch screen interface and award-winning 'SMART' probe and self-correction technology.
Fully automatic programmable cycles, including: dressing with full compensation for dressing disk wear and gear tooth grinding with probing and form measurement.
Fully automatic grinding wheel balancing system built into machine spindle, with power monitoring for machine overload protection.
2-axis CNC controlled wheel dresser with diamond dressing disk; programmable rough and finish grinding and automatic wheel profile calculation.
Optional automatic inspection station - Renishaw SP80 Scanning Probe with resolution of 1µm in X, Y and Z axes for measurement of tooth position shaft run-out, tooth depth, helical lead etc.
Digital drives to all CNC servo axes, incorporating fibre-optic Serial Real-time Communications System (S.E.R.C.O.S.) and digital closed loop feedback.

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