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Xi'an Oulang 2017 Annual Party
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Looking back, we are colorful and passionate; Basing now, we are full of confidence and passion. Looking forward, we are full of vigor and vitality. In order to show Xi'an Oulang Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. with rapid changes, vigorous development of good style, we hold an New Year's Thanksgiving party with more than 40 people and all the staff  on December 18, 2017 in Xi'an West Hotel.


At the beginning of the party, show a video of Birds flying to South direction that rich team spirit. The General Manager Mr. Zhang make a speech that with the theme of "finding the greatest common denominator and drawing the largest concentric circles". The outstanding achievements made in the past year, the plan for the future direction of development, the adjustment to the market, the continuous reform of ourselves and the constant innovation and reform. At the same time, he also expects every colleague to keep learning and strive for greater progress.

Following our staff performed a dynamic hot Latin dance, Comedy show three and a half, pop songs and playing games with guests and so on, an increase of friendship between each other. During the meal, everyone lifted their glasses to each other, blessing each other and enjoying themselves. The atmosphere was exceptionally wonderful.

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