Cold Rolling Alloy Grade 5 Titanium Rods

Cold Rolling Alloy Grade 5 Titanium Rods

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Cold Rolling Alloy Grade 5 Titanium Rods


Product Description

Titanium is a corrosion-resistant material that has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all metals. It can be alloyed with elements such as aluminum, vanadium, iron, and molybdenum to increase properties such as strength, corrosion resistance, and toughness.
Astm B348 standards, and has a standard tolerance. The grade 5 titanium alloy, also known as Ti-6Al-4V, is stronger than grade 2 titanium and has both formability and corrosion resistance. The material has been annealed, a method of heating and cooling metal to modify its properties, such as increasing its formability and toughness or decreasing its strength, after it has been shaped.

Advantages of Titanium Materials

• Titanium’s strength is 30% higher than steel, but the weight of titanium is half of steel.
• Titanium is two times stronger than aluminum, but the weight of titanium is 60% of aluminum.
• Under the 1000 F, Titanium has wonderful strength retention.
• In order to gain in strength of titanium, it adds aluminum, iron, molybdenum, manganese and other metals in criterion degree.          The titanium alloy can be lightened.
• Another valuable characteristic for titanium is high corrosion. Titanium will have the oxygen layer to protect the surface of                 titanium. So it can resist in many corrosive environment. 

Titanium Production process
• To prepare titanium sponge.
• To produce titanium ingots.
• To heat the ingots in electric furnace.
•To forge the ingots.
• To polish the billets.
• To heat the billets in electric furnace.
• To forge the billets.
• To polish the billets.
• To check the tolerance range of the billets.
• To cut the billets.
• Marking.
• To inspect the product quality.
• Titanium bars & rods weighing, packing, and warehousing.

Production Line:

Gr2 titanium pipes with good reputation


Xi'an Oulang Titanium Alloy and Oil Machinery Workshop 


CNC Machine for Titanium alloy producing:

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Our Stock:


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